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The effect of protein powder and muscle adding powder is good

But men gym exercise, often to increase muscle, but many men will find their exercise for a long time, not only increase muscle effect did not reach, but there are more signs of thin, which makes them feel very upset, then they will consider eating can increase muscle nutrition, such as protein powder and increase these two kinds of muscle powder, the muscle which is better?





According to experts, when muscle exercise, if the person itself is relatively thin, can eat muscle powder, and if it is not too thin, can eat protein powder, if the good economic conditions can also increase muscle powder and protein powder to eat together.




The synthesis of muscles requires protein


Muscle = energy + protein + promoting synthetic nutrients. From the previous formula, it can be seen that protein is a very important substance in the process of muscle synthesis. Protein is a general term, mainly including 20 kinds of amino acids. Different amino acid combinations become different substances of the body's needs, such as myoglobin, hemoglobin, globulin and so on. And there are 9 of these 20 amino acids (and one is 8) that the human body can't synthesize itself. It can only be obtained by food. We call it essential amino acids.




If a food contains 9 amino acids at the same time, we call it a complete protein. Conversely, the 9 amino acids that are not included at the same time are called incomplete proteins. In real life, protein in animal food is completely protein (it is easy to understand, human is also animal), so animal protein is more easily used by human body. Plant protein is not complete protein, it needs several plant foods to eat together, by complementing to get these 9 essential amino acids.




Protein content of protein powder and muscle powder


Muscle powder and weight gain is mainly contained in fast absorbed carbohydrates; and a part of the protein. The main component of the protein powder is protein. So, Xiao Bian recommend eating nutrition is best judged according to their shape, if you are thin, it is recommended that you eat muscle powder is better, because the muscle powder containing protein and energy, to gain a better effect; if you are not very thin, there are some fat. Then eat protein powder, because the fat in the movement can be converted into energy, then add protein powder.




The above experts have introduced the effect of increasing muscle strength between protein powder and muscle increasing powder. We know that their muscle increasing effect is pretty good. If the economy is more comfortable, they can eat protein powder and muscle powder at the time of muscle building exercise.


(source: Public Health Network)

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