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Product description:

This product uses high-quality rice protein as raw material, refined by hydrolysis, nutrient-rich, protein content of more than 80%, strong foaming power, sustainable use, color milk white, Lasting foam, therefore, it is widely used in products such as aerated confectionery, crisp noodles, fried foods, solid cold drinks and the like.


First, the inflatable candy, usually about 1% of the finished product, the foam protein powder plus twice its own cold water stirring to dissolve, placed in a high speed mixer egg whisk, rub it into a white loose foam base, is now playing Use, will boil the syrup slowly into the foam base, continue to rub for 10 minutes, and then enter the candy production normal procedure.

Second, simply noodles, the amount of 0.6%, the foam protein powder and water 1: 2 fully dissolved, into the mixing bucket, and other raw and auxiliary materials together until the loose surface so far, a bag of 2 kg of protein foam Can produce a total amount of 330 kg of crisp noodles.

Third, fried foods, the amount of about 1%, the foam protein powder and water by 1: 1 ratio of stirring to dissolve, stir mixer whipped into a white foam base, is now playing with the right amount of flour and water knead Into the dough, the foam base will be added to the dough, while rubbing, until it is even.

Fourth, the cake, pastry application. Dosage: 1--2%. Can replace some eggs. The foam protein powder and cold water at a ratio of 1: 2.5 fully dissolved, placed in a high-speed mixing egg whipping machine, playing into a white loose foam base instead of egg white for the production of cakes or other cakes, etc., can reduce costs , Reduce labor intensity.

Fifth, in biscuits or crackers food applications. Effect: can make the product become loose and clean and flexible, stable shape, yellowish color, delicious fragrance, rich nutrition.

Dosage: 1--2%.


Shelf life: 24 months

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