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Can apple and protein meal be eaten together after fitness?

Protein powder can't be eaten with acid drinks. Acid drinks such as apple juice contain organic acids, and when they meet with protein powder, they form clot and affect digestion and absorption.


The so-called protein powder is usually made of purified soybean protein, or casein, or whey protein, or a combination of the above proteins. Its purpose is to supplement protein for people who lack protein. For healthy people, as long as they stick to the normal diet, the lack of protein does not usually happen. Protein powder can be divided into two major categories: one is the animal protein purified from milk; the other is the plant protein powder that is purified from the soybean.


Protein powder contains proteins that help muscle growth, and many fitness enthusiasts train and take exercise nutrients to exercise their muscles. Protein powder is one of the common use.


For the needs of the population, a proper amount of protein powder and combined exercise, can play a better effect of muscle practice. But the amount of edible protein powder must be good. Excessive consumption of protein powder makes the protein excess in the body. The excess protein not only makes people fat, but also increases the metabolic burden of the liver and kidney, which may affect their function for a long time.




Attention to health food protein powder:




The protein powder can not be taken on an empty stomach. Protein powder is eaten on an empty stomach, and protein powder will be consumed as a general "hot food", wasting valuable source of high quality protein.




Protein powder can not be cooked to high temperature. Protein powder contains many active substances with special physiological functions. They are all afraid of heat. Once heated, they lose their activity, which greatly reduces their biological potency. Therefore, whey protein powder is generally only soluble (mix) in 40 DEG C water, porridge, milk food, also can be used as cold drink food.




It is recommended to eat protein powder or other food for about half an hour after fitness.





(from the Sohu "health password grain Sibu")

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