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What is organic food

Organic food is from organic agricultural production system, according to the international organic agriculture production requirements and the corresponding standard production and processing, which does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormone, chemical additives, chemical pigment and preservatives and other chemicals in the production of raw materials and products in the process, not the use of genetic engineering technology. And all the agricultural and sideline products certified by the independent organic food certification body, including grain, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, livestock and poultry products, honey, aquatic products, condiments and so on.


The difference between organic food and other foods is that the synthetic substances such as pesticides, fertilizers and hormones are strictly prohibited during the production and processing of organic food, while the production and processing of General Foods restrict the use of these substances. At the same time, organic food and its basic quality requirements: raw materials without any pollution, the production process does not use any chemical pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and growth hormone, the process does not use any chemical additives, food preservatives, artificial colors and the use of organic solvent extraction, storage and transportation process can not contamination of harmful chemical substances, must comply with national food hygiene requirements and food industry quality standards.

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