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What is IP certification?

IP certification is a guarantee system for enterprises to maintain specific identity of products (such as genetically modified status), and process of verification and certification according to specific standards.


The IP system is to prevent in food, feed and seed production potential of genetically modified ingredients pollution from non GMO crop seed sowing to agricultural field management, harvesting, transportation, processing and export of the whole production supply chain through strict control, detection, traceability information such as the establishment of pure measures to ensure that non GMO Products "identity", and improve the production and quality assurance system of product value.


The characteristics of the IP system are:


(1) traceability, providing a full range of information for the whole production supply chain for the product


(2) strict isolation to prevent accidental mixing of all uncontrolled materials


(3) strategic representative sampling and testing to verify the non GM identity of the product


(4) perfect system documents and procedural manuals, and the basis of product quality assurance


(5) strict internal and external control to ensure the effective operation of the IP system

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